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Welcome to Stroke Aid To offer inspiration, help, support and advice


Home exercise to help with rehab after a Stroke or just to help.

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The Ratuls Trail why its so good for rehab.

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Hello my name is Jeff and welcome to my website I have designed Stroke AID which is about my medical history.  On this website you will be able to read "My Story" about having a major Stroke and the effects this had on me. Also I will cover other medical conditions which I have been diagnosed with.


On this website you will also be able to find information, help and more. I hope this website will help people and also build a community for people come to if they feel lost or don't know what to do.  

The information given in this Strokeaid website is from my own personal experience, information I have been given and it is not intended to be, nor should it be treated as an alternative to medical advice given by a qualified doctor. Anyone who thinks that they or anybody else has suffered from a Stroke should seek medical advice straight away.

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Read My Story about having a major Stroke and how it

affected me.

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We want stroke survivors, careers and professionals to provide suggestions on what to do/try.  

You can help other stroke survivors and their families. Tell us what has helped with your recovery.