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Designed by a Stroke survivor to support Stroke victims


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Welcome to Stroke AID UK To offer help, support and advice from my own experience

Hello my name is Jeff and I had a major Stroke in April 2016. Welcome to my website I have setup Stroke AID UK to offer support, help and advice from my own personal experience. Eventually this will become a charity. You will be able to read "My Story" about having a major Stroke and the effects this had on me and my family.


I will cover other medical conditions that I had and been through.


On this website you will also be able to find information, help and more. I hope this website will be helpful.

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The information given in this StrokeAID UK website is from my own personal experience, information I have been given and it is not intended to be, nor should it be treated as an alternative to medical advice given by a qualified doctor. Anyone who thinks that they or anybody else has suffered from a Stroke or any of the medical conditions discussed should seek medical advice straight away.

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